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Things To Consider Before You Order A Cremulet:

There are a few things to decide when you’re ordering a cremulet. Because there are literally hundreds of possible color combinations, we have shown only a few of the more popular color combinations.

One of the most important decisions you have to make is the choice of the top layer of glass. The top layer of a cremulet can be made with either a clear glass or a glass called mardi gras. Mardi gras glass is the glass that has lines and dots in it. There is a sample of it on the color sample page. I can use a piece of mardi gras with a lot of dots and lines in it, or very little. I can use the dots and lines to cover up the ashes if you want. Most of the samples have mardi gras on them.

The shiny glass in a cremulet is a special metallic glass called dichroic glass. It adds a certain sparkle to a cremulet, but it does not have to be used. The most popular available colors of dichroic are: silver, blue, green, purple, pink, salmon. There is no true red dichroic glass.

We use silver wire for the findings on most of my cremulets, but if the cremulet has gold foil in it or if you request gold wire, we will happily use gold wire for the finding.

Cremulets come in many colors and shapes. They start at 1" and can be made any length. Please consider what size cremulet you want. It sometimes helps to do a quick sketch of a cremulet and measure it so you’re sure of the size you want.

All cremulets come with a cotton cord whose length can be adjusted.

Price $70.00 plus S&H. We also offer 2mm black rubber cord with silver findings for an additional $10.

*It's best to call (1.541.994.5444) or e-mail us( info@pathwayspet.com) for ordering / questions.

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